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Your wood is hand loaded into our delivery trucks to ensure that every piece of wood you receive is clean.



Local Cape Cod Seasone firewoodYour firewood is delivered to you ready to burn. At Forest Keepers we actually test the moister content of our firewood to ensure that your wood is fully seasoned.



local seasoned firewoodWe care about the local ecology. That's why our firewood is local. Harvested and processed right here on Cape Cod, your wood wasn't trucked in over the bridge.



One cord—-$375

Half cord—–$225

Quarter cord—-$150

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The value of local firewood

Many folks today understand the value of buying locally grown food, but not as many people think about where their wood was harvested when purchasing firewood for heating their home. There are so many good reasons to buy locally produced and harvested firewood. Learn more about how local Cape Cod Firewood protects our environment.
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